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Mary Simmons—Glass Artist

Camano Island Art Glass

Mary Simmons creates beautiful Fused Glass Art and Lighting at her Camano Island Art Glass Studio, located on Camano Island, Washington.


Mary creates stunning and distinctive glass art lighting pieces, beautiful glass wall and table art, and purposeful functional pieces.  All of her glass art is created with careful attention to design, color, and purpose.

Living and growing up in the Pacific Northwest, my glass art is influenced by the beauty of the sea.  The ever-changing streams of light, clouds, and shadows reflecting off and through our waters are peaceful and poetic.


In my work, I am drawn to the ebb and flow of our waves, the shoreline, the surrounding eco-system, the light, and the refreshing and serene nature of water.  What lies below the surface fascinates me.  I try to capture these elements for you to enjoy in my glass art pieces.


I enjoy working with clients to create the perfect piece for them.

Camano Island Art Glass

My studio is located In a beautiful spot on Camano Island, where you can see the distant waterways, Mt. Baker and feel the island serenity.


My physical studio is about 1800 square feet with an added loft.  It is full of my glass kilns, tables, equipment, glass supplies, an amazing lighting display area and a refreshing gallery space to display my work.  It has an amazing and positive energy to create my glass art pieces.

Camano Island Art Glass

When not on our beach or waters surrounding Camano Island, my favorite place to reflect and breathe is Lime Kiln Lighthouse on San Juan Island.  I always feel so much inspiration there no matter the time of the year.  When the Orca Whales are passing by it is even more mystic and serene.

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