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Beautiful Kelp Trip Tek 22049

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Product Details

A One of a kind absolutely stunning Kelp Trip Tek, which will catch admiring eyes with ever-changing colors as the sun and light reflects from different angles.

Each section has been carefully created for style and flair. The base layer is a wispy turquoise and white glass and Gold Iridescent Kelp. Accenting the pieces are kelp grasses of different shades of corals. Wispy accents on the surface are torched glass pieces of adventurine green, corals, and blues.

This is a beautiful work of art.

Center piece is: Organic Wavy edges measuring ~9 1/2 x 25"

Side pieces each measure 6 x 25"

As displayed overall dimension is: 28 1/2" wide x 25" high. You can display closer together, at different heights or further apart with the included hardware.

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